Special Purpose Vehicles

Cement Fly Ash/Ladle Tankers

TPS manufactures Bulk Carriers – Truck Mounted and Trailer Mounted with capacities ranging from 10 Cu.M to 40 Cu.M. They are suited for transporting powder free flowing material like Cement, Fly Ash, Crush Bath, Alumina, Lime etc.

These vehicles have specialized fluidizing arrangements and are able to pneumatically pump the material to receive silo. The Bulkers can be supplied in different types of construction steel like MS and SS as per the customer’s requirements.

  • Scissor Lifts

    Scissor Lifting Platforms perform various lifting activities in factories and industries. Our Scissor Lifting Platforms are enabled to carry variable loads due to their multi-faceted and high grade features. Furthermore our entire assortment is reckoned for their quality and performance.
    Cited below are some of the special attributes of our Scissor Lifting Platform:
    • Mobility
    • Load bearing capacity
    • High performance
    • Optimal performance

  • Road Ambulance/Patrol Maintenance Unit (PMU)

    The equipment is a Truck (Minimum 6 ton carrying capacity) mounted well fabricated and GPS enabled, Mobile Maintenance Unit, suitable for moving on metal roads to carryout road maintenance (Bituminous & Non Bituminous) Pothole Patching works and to be used as an Initial Emergency Response Unit.

  • Sky Lift / Access Platforms

    The Chassis Mounted Access Platform is versatile lifting platform to provide safe access for workmen engaged in maintenance works on height. The equipment is mounted on a Truck Chassis and has a working height up to 20 Mtr. above the ground having a load carrying Capacity of 200 Kgs.