Pothole Patching Machine


Mobile Cold Emulsion Spray Injection Pothole Patching Machine

The Mobile cold Emulsion Spray Injection Pothole Patching Machine is a truck mounted equipment suitable for repairing and maintenance of Bituminous Roads which include preventive and emergency repair of potholes, sealing and extending the life of worn out conventional repair, sealing of depressions, alligator cracks, crazing, pre-surface dressing, patching, repair to shoulders etc. in a fast and efficient manner. Unlike a conventional Hot Mix machine, the cold Emulsion Spray Injection Pothole Patching Machine can be used for repairs throughout the year irrespective of the weather conditions.

A Pothole Patching Machine is a specialized piece of equipment designed to efficiently and effectively repair the numerous potholes that plague our roadways. By automating much of the labor-intensive work, Pothole Patching Machines not only improve the quality of road repairs but also enhance the safety of both road crews and motorists, ultimately contributing to the overall durability and smoothness of our road networks.

The pothole patching machine works by injecting suitable materials into the cracks of the roads at high pressure. It creates a plug on the road’s surface that resembles the original. Our pothole patching machine is designed to lower road accidents and increase the safety of people.

Salient features of the pothole patching machineinclude the following:
  • Permanent repairs quickly blending into the existing road surface
  • Fast repairs immediately open to traffic
  • Defects fully sealed to prevent water ingress and further damage
  • Improved public perception due to speed of repair
  • 90% Carbon savings as all materials are cold applied
  • No waste produced eliminating costly landfill charges