Aluminium Smelter Equipment


Equipments for Aluminium Smelter Plants

Anode Transport Vehicle

An Anode Transport Vehicle, which is otherwise referred to as ATV. It is a specialized piece of equipment used in various industrial processes, particularly in the field of metallurgy and electroplating. Anodes are typically made of materials like metals, graphite, or other conductive substances and play a crucial role in facilitating chemical reactions by releasing electrons. The Anode Transport Vehicle is designed to safely and efficiently move these anodes from storage areas to the specific location within a production facility where they are needed. Anode Transport Vehicle is often equipped with features like adjustable platform, secure locking mechanisms, and safety controls to ensure the smooth and reliable transport of anode, contributing to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of industrial operations. The equipment is used for Aluminium Smelter Plants for lifting and transportation of 3 or 4 Anodes of total weight approximately 7 to 10 tons. The Anode transport vehicle is with a hydrostatic drive and is fully articulated. The key features of our Anode transport vehicle are as follows:

  • Optimum performance
  • Sturdy
  • Eco-friendly

  • Furnace Charging Car

    Our wide range of products also includes The Furnace Charging Car. These cars are developed as per the requirement of the Metallurgical plants. Furnace charging car is equipped with a robust structure, featuring a large bin for material storage and a conveyor system that delivers the materials precisely into the furnace. These machines play a crucial role in automating the charging process, enhancing productivity, and ensuring the safety of workers by reducing manual handling of heavy materials. We design and develop our machines keeping in mind the recommended standards. The furnace charging car serves various industrial purposes as it has multi-faceted features.

  • Furnace Tending Vehicle

    A Furnace Tending Vehicle is a specialized industrial machine designed for the critical task of managing and maintaining high-temperature furnaces in various manufacturing processes. These Furnace Tending Vehicle is essential in industries like steel production, glass manufacturing, and metal casting, where extreme heat and precision control are imperative. Furnace Tending Vehicle is vital for optimizing production, enhancing energy efficiency, and reducing human exposure to hazardous environments, making them indispensable assets in the modern industrial landscape.

    Developing smart and efficient furnace tending vehicle is our specialty. We design the vehicle to ensure optimum safety and comfort for the operators. The furnace tending vehicle is used for carrying out the following operations in the furnaces of The Metallurgical industries:

    • Skimming-off slag and Dross from the liquid metal Surface.
    • Stirring the liquid metal to mix the alloying metals and fluxes perfectly.
    • Chiseling and removing the Slag and Dross built up on the furnace lining and the furnace hearth and de-bricking it using special breaking attachments.
    • Mouth Jam Cleaning in hot condition

  • Articulated Boom Crane

    The articulated boom crane is a versatile and powerful lifting equipment suitable for heavy-duty industrial applications. What sets this articulated boom crane apart is its unique jointed arm, or "boom," which resembles a human arm with multiple interconnected segments. These articulations grant the crane an exceptional range of motion and flexibility, enabling it to access confined spaces and plot with precision. Articulated boom crane is especially valued for their ability to reach high or awkwardly positioned objects, making them essential in tasks like loading and unloading cargo, construction work, and even tree trimming.

    We design this equipment with superior lifting capabilities and a wide range of safety features. Our articulated boom crane comes with unique features to ensure efficient and safe operations. It can be mounted on trucks and other vehicles, thereby making it easier to position and transport. The precise control of the articulated boom crane lowers the risk of damage to other equipment and surrounding structures.

    Metal Transport Vehicle (MTV)

    The Metal Transport Vehicle is a Diesel Engine operated vehicle, with a hydrostatic drive and a lifting platform, which is used for lifting Hot Metal Filled ladle. This takes place with the help of a support stand from the floor and transporting to the Cast House.

  • Bulk Carrier Truck

    We specialize in designing and developing reliable bulk carrier truck for smooth and efficient transportation of goods. These bulk career trucks are commonly used in industries such as agriculture, construction, and mining, where the transportation of materials like grain, sand, gravel, or even liquids such as cement and chemicals is a frequent requirement. The sturdy design and optimum performance of the bulk carrier truck makes it suitable for various industries.

    Alumina Tanker/Fly Ash Tanker/Lime Tanker

    An alumina tanker, often referred to as an fly ash tanker, is a specialized vessel designed for the transportation of alumina, which is a key raw material in the production of aluminium. Typically constructed with high-grade, corrosion-resistant materials, alumina tanker ensures the purity and integrity of the cargo while withstanding the harsh chemical properties of alumina. These vessels play a crucial role in the global aluminium supply chain, contributing to the production of countless aluminium products that are essential in various industries, from automotive to aerospace and construction.

    TPS manufactures Bulk Carriers – Truck Mounted and Trailer Mounted with capacities ranging from 10 Cu.M to 40 Cu.M. They are suited for transporting powder free flowing material like Cement, Fly Ash, Crush Bath, Alumina, Lime etc. These vehicles have specialized fluidizing arrangements and are able to pneumatically pump the material to receive silo. The Alumina Tanker can be supplied in different types of construction steel like MS and SS as per the customer’s requirements.

  • Crushed Bath Tanker

    The tank Alumina / Crushed Bath Tankers consist of a prime mover and a semi-trailer per unit with an in-built pneumatic discharge system, using the external source of compressed air. Crushed bath tanker is used for the transportation of Alumina from the main alumina silo to the day silo located in the GTC area as well as transportation of the Crushed Bath from the Crushed Bath Silo in Bath Recycle Shop to the Crushed Bath Silo in GTC area in the smelter plant. The crushed bath tanker is also used for Transporting Cement, Fly Ash, and other free flowing powdered materials in other Industries.

  • Metal Ladle Transport Vehicle

    The metal ladle transport vehicle is designed to carry hot metal ladles and ensure safe transport within the plants. It finds use in several industries, from steel to automotive. The proven design of the metal ladle transport vehicle allows it to handle hot metal of different capacities. We focus on designing metal ladle transport vehicles as per the unique requirements of different customers and ensure optimum satisfaction.

    Aluminium Fluoride Charging Vehicle (ALF3)

    The Alumina Fluoride Feeder Vehicle is a specialized transportation system designed for the efficient and precise delivery of alumina and fluoride materials to aluminium smelting plants and other industrial facilities. This vehicle plays a crucial role in the aluminium production process, ensuring a continuous supply of these essential raw materials to the electrolytic cells where aluminium is extracted. Equipped with advanced technology and safety features, the Alumina Fluoride Feeder Vehicle minimizes the risk of contamination and spillage during the transportation process, enhancing both the safety and efficiency of aluminium production.

    Aluminium Fluoride Feeding Vehicle is used to transport ALF3 from the feeding hopper to the pot hopper and to feed the pot hopper according to the requirements. It is diesel engine driven and its lifting equipment is hydraulic drive type. The Alumina Fluoride Feeder Vehiclehas a centralized operation from the driver’s cabin.