Special Purpose Vehicles


World Class Special Purpose Vehicles At TPS Infrastructure

TPS Infrastructure today offers world-class tankers to cater to the growing needs of Indian industries and plants. We offer the popular special purpose vehicle in India that helps you carry out your job processes in a very economical and productive manner. Our constant endeavor has ensured that TPS manufacturing is the leading spv special purpose vehicle company in India.

Cement Fly Ash/Ladle Tankers

The leading company for procuring special purpose vehicle in India, TPS Infrastructure, offers you fly ash tankers that are used for carrying cement, fly ash and granular material. The tanks can be fitted on a truck and save the packaging cost, material cost, time and Labour substantially. Compressed air is used for operating the quality tankers that are also more eco-friendly. TPS infrastructure manufactures world class spv special purpose vehicle and tankers that have been fabricated, designed, and developed in many different capacities and strength to offer you economic transportation for a wide and comprehensive range of materials. The ready to use tankers reduce the traffic load and are highly viable towards transportation.

Our special purpose vehicle in India and tankers can be mounted on both trailers and trucks and have capacities that may range from 10 cubic meters to a maximum of 40 cubic meters. All kind of powdered and free-flowing materials including Alumina, lime, and cement can be very economical transported, The spv special purpose vehicle also possesses a fluidizing arrangement that has been specially integrated. The equipment provides for pneumatic operation and silo can be obtained easily. We offer SS and MS, among other construction steel varieties to make your purchase most value for money.

  • Refueler Truck

    A refueller truck is essential in a wide range of industries, including aviation, transportation, construction, and agriculture. Refueller trucks play a critical role in ensuring that vehicles, aircraft, and machinery remain operational by providing them with the necessary fuel supplies. These vehicles come in various sizes and configurations, making them versatile assets for businesses and organizations that rely on the efficient movement of liquids. The refueller truck is ideal for the transportation of petrol, diesel, liquids, and other fluids. We manufacture the refueller truck using the best quality components and modern technologies to ensure reliable performance. Our focus is to simplify the fuel transportation process. The sturdy design of the refueller truck ensures the need of less maintenance and increases the longevity of the equipment.

    Scissor Lifts

    Scissor lifts are the motorized vehicles possessing a railed platform. Our multi-functional platform can be raised straight and upward and is the most reliable hydraulic scissor lift that money can buy. The lift possesses the crisscross metal support, and possess immense strength for carrying high loads.

    Hydraulic scissor lift is a versatile mechanical device used to elevate or lower objects and people vertically. It operates on the principle of hydraulic fluid pressure to extend or retract a series of interconnected scissor-like arms, providing a stable and controlled platform for various applications. Whether used for material handling or personnel transport, hydraulic scissor lift has become an indispensable part of modern engineering and construction, enhancing efficiency and safety across various sectors.

    Our world-class hydraulic scissor lift can perform a range of lifting activities in many different industrial scenarios and factories. The graded and multifaceted features make them versatile and highly useful in a range of scenarios and process conditions. We test our equipment, machines, and vehicles against the international performance and quality benchmarks and standards. Our quality checks ensure that our vehicles are the most reliable variants available. If you want optimal performance greater load bearing capacities and enhanced mobility features all encompassed within the same hydraulic scissor liftmachinery, we have the best option for you to avail.

    Our spv special purpose vehicle and scissor lift are graded high. Our hydraulic scissor lift isquite popular in a range of Indian Industries including cement, construction, mining, and other industries. We offer the equipment and machinery at the most affordable cost and help you make your processes agile, safe and rewarding.

    Cited below are some of the special attributes of our Scissor Lifting Platform:
    • Mobility
    • Load bearing capacity
    • High performance
    • Optimal performance

  • Road Ambulance/Patrol Maintenance Unit (PMU)

    The equipment is a Truck (Minimum 6 ton carrying capacity) mounted well fabricated and GPS enabled, Mobile Maintenance Unit, suitable for moving on metal roads to carryout road maintenance (Bituminous & Non Bituminous) Pothole Patching works and to be used as an Initial Emergency Response Unit.

  • Sky Lift / Access Platforms

    The Chassis Mounted Access Platform is versatile lifting platform to provide safe access for workmen engaged in maintenance works on height. The sky lifts can be mounted on a Truck Chassis and have a working height up to 20 Mtr. above the ground having a load carrying Capacity of 200 Kgs.

    Sky lifts provide not only a convenient means of transportation but also a thrilling and often awe-inspiring experience for passengers. Whether gliding over breathtaking natural landscapes, ascending to ski resorts in the winter, or accessing remote mountainous areas, sky lifts connect people to some of the most remarkable and inaccessible places on Earth. These engineering marvels offer a harmonious blend of functionality, adventure, and the chance to witness nature's grandeur from a lofty vantage point.

    Our sky lifts find wide use in maintenance, construction, and repair works. The equipment can perform several tasks, including repairing and installing the overhead cables. The sky lifts are also suitable for cleaning buildings or high walls.

  • Water Sprinkler mounted on Water Tanker

    The Water Tanker with High Pressure Sprinkler Unit shall consists of a water tank having a capacity of 3,000 Ltrs. to 12,000 Ltrs. mounted on a standard Truck Chassis of 07 Ton to 25 Ton GVW. The Unit shall be fitted with a High Pressure Water Jetting Pump, High Pressure Water Spray Bar for Sprinkling Water on Road, Hose Reel with Spray Gun for cleaning Public Toilets, sign Boards, street furniture etc. And Water Pump with Water Cannon/Raindone for Washing of Trees.

    • Water spray on road surface to control dust pollution in the atmosphere due to wind and during mechanical sweeping of roads.
    • Washing of dust from tree leaves to control ambient dust pollution level.