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Self Propelled Road Sweeping Machines

5000SP Road Sweeping Machine: The introduction of these machines has revolutionized the road construction industry and simplified the innumerable tasks that earlier needed many road sweepers to complete the needed work.The self propelled road sweeping machine is a highly specialized and efficient machines, which have a huge market demand and therefore have a great relevance in the industry. Their container capacity ranges from 2000Ltrs up to 5500 Ltrs.

A mechanical road sweeper, often referred to as a street sweeper, is a vital piece of equipment in urban maintenance and sanitation. This robust machine is designed to efficiently clean and maintain roadways, parking lots, and other paved surfaces. Equipped with a series of rotating brushes and a powerful suction system, a mechanical road sweeper can effectively remove debris, dust, leaves, and litter from the road's surface. The mechanical road sweeper comes with advanced features to keep the pavements, roads, and other hard surfaces clean andfree from debris. It acts like a large vacuum cleaner with a large capacity of collecting all dust and dirt. From fine dust particles to the plastic bags, the mechanical runway sweeper can clean everything. The mechanical road sweeper help in cleaning the roads effectively and reducing air pollution.

Being one of the most trusted road sweeping machine manufacturers, TPS attracts customers from all industrial segments such as Steel plants, Aluminum plants, Cement plants, Power Plants, Coal Handling Plant, Ports, Mines etc.

These road cleaning machines are capable of working without the water sprays, however there is a provision for the water spray arrangement. We have over 33 years experience in manufacturing the industrial sweeping machines. Our specialty is manufacturing of a wide range of high quality standard road sweeping machine in India to meet the high demands and expectations of our clients in India and overseas.

Self-propelled road sweepers are a vital tool for municipalities and businesses looking to maintain clean and safe public spaces, as they reduce the manual labor required for street cleaning and enhance the overall cleanliness and aesthetics of city streets. Characteristics of our Self Propelled Road Sweeping Machine
  • Sturdy
  • Time Saving
  • High Performance
  • Time Efficiency

  • Ride On Type Road Sweeping Machine

    A ride on sweeping machine represents the pinnacle of efficiency and convenience when it comes to maintaining clean and debris-free surfaces. These robust machines are designed to tackle a wide range of cleaning tasks in various environments, from industrial warehouses and parking lots to commercial complexes and municipal streets.

    The Ride-on Road Sweeping Machine is a highly versatile road cleaning machine. It is ideally suited for cleaning of roads/parking lot. The ride on sweeping machine is also beneficial for cleaning ofother large paved areas inside a market Complexes, Residential Areas, Industrial Complexes, Airport Complexes, VIP’s areas etc. The ride on sweeping machineis best equipped with latest technology.

    Road maintenance vehicle is specialized vehicles are equipped with an array of tools and equipment designed to repair, maintain, and improve roads and highways. They are essential in addressing various road-related issues, including pothole repairs, crack sealing, snow removal, and the application of road markings. Road maintenance vehicle is typically equipped with specialized attachments such as asphalt mixers, and high-pressure air and water systems, allowing them to efficiently tackle a wide range of maintenance tasks. They are a vital part of the infrastructure maintenance ecosystem, helping to keep our roads in good condition, ensuring smoother and safer journeys for all road users. We ensure optimum performance of the road maintenance vehicle.

    Some of the salient features of the Road Sweeping Machine in India are highlighted below:-
    • Container Capacity : 800 Ltrs.
    • Sweeping Width : 2000 mm
    • Fully hydrostatic drive
    • Cartridge Filters with continuous cleaning arrangement during sweeping.
    • Indian Diesel Engine – Ease of maintenance and spare parts
    • High level of maneuverability – Easy movement in restricted spaces
    • All Weather Steel Cabin with all around visibility.

    Small turning radius (2250mm) makes it particularly suitable for sweeping in narrow and confined areas which are not accessible by larger road cleaning machines.

    The hydrostatic drive on rear wheels of this road sweeper increases maneuverability and Power, and enables to operate on steep inclines.

  • Railway Track Cleaning Car

    Poor environment and littered premises in and around railway stations had always been an area of concern for Indian Railways. The similar problem has also been felt by Delhi Division particularly in the NCR region where it is not possible manually to clean the track. The railway track cleaning vehicleproves to be an ideal solution for the problem. With a prime focus to improve upon the situation an initiative has been taken by Delhi Division, Northern Railway in association with IRCON for mechanized clearance of litter/ garbage, lying on and alongside the rail track, besides jet cleaning of night soil and other contaminant lying on the railway line at various stations / yards of Delhi division.

    The introduction of the railway track cleaning vehicle will benefit rail passengers at large and is aimed towards providing a cleaner and hygienic environment in the division besides reducing maintenance cost.These specialized railway track cleaning vehicle is designed to remove debris, dirt, leaves, and other foreign materials from the track surface, ensuring safe and efficient rail operations.

    A heavy duty vacuum suction equipment mounted on BRN has been manufactured which is fitted with a High Performance, high Capacity Centrifugal Blower with pneumatic clutch arrangement and drive is taken from a Diesel Engine. The Blower provides the suction power for the machine.

    We provide the highest quality industrial sweeping machines possible with the help of our highly skilled and dedicated employees, state-of-the-art, R&D and patented products with up-to-date manufacturing processes and facilities.

  • Truck Mounted Road Sweeping Machines

    The Truck Mounted Road Sweeping Machine is a Heavy Duty Equipment having a container Volume of 6500 Ltrs. The Machine is provided with a High Capacity Volume Exhauster, which is driven by an Auxiliary Diesel Engine. Some of the salient features of this road cleaning machine are listed below:-

    A truck-mounted vacuum sweeper is a powerful and versatile piece of equipment designed to efficiently clean streets, parking lots, and other paved surfaces. These robust machines are typically mounted on the back of a specialized truck and are equipped with high-capacity vacuum systems, rotating brushes, and water spraying capabilities. The Truck-mounted vacuum sweepershas brushes agitate and loosen debris, while the powerful suction system swiftly collects dirt, leaves, litter, and other contaminants, leaving the surface spotless. This technology not only enhances the cleanliness and aesthetics of urban environments but also plays a crucial role in maintaining the overall hygiene and safety of public spaces. Truck-mounted vacuum sweepers are indispensable tools for municipalities and commercial enterprises striving to keep their surroundings clean and well-maintained.

    • The Sweeping Systems of One Central Brush, Two side brushes and two section heads. The sweeping is carried out with the help of Central Brush and one of the side brush. The orientation of the Central brush can be adjusted towards right or left as per requirements depending upon the direction of the travel of the machine for cleaning the dirt on right or left side of the road as per requirements.
    • This road cleaning machine is provide with imported pleated fabric filters, which are automatically cleaned by reverse compressed Air-Jet purging system. Due to the provision of the fabric filters, the mechanical road sweeper is capable of undertaking sweeping work in dry mode (without necessity spraying water). The exhaust from the Blower meets PM-10 Pollution Control Norms. However, water tank with water spray system is also provided in the machine for spraying water on the brush as and when required.
    • The road cleaning machine is also provided with a rear suction hose which can be used for suctioning material lying on the right side outside the cleaning path of the machine.
  • Mechanical Runway Sweepers

    TPS Runway Sweeping Machine works on the principle of ‘Vacuum Suction’. The Dirt Container provided in the mechanical runway sweeper is with cyclonic separator and mesh filters, which separates the heavy particles from the air stream, due to the centrifugal action and then drops it into the container.

    Features of the Mechanical Runway Sweeper
    • Full Access Control
    • Panel Adjustable / Flexing
    • Casting Roller for Sucker

    The entire production techniques used in the manufacturing of industrial sweeping machines are done as per the recommended industrial standards; thus making us relevant road sweeping machine manufacturers for the industry. We aim to become the one-stop solution for all the road maintenance vehicle needs of customers.