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We manufacture the following road sweeping machines:

self propelled Self Propelled Road Sweeping Machines
5000SP Road Sweeping Machine: The introduction of these machineshas revolutionized the road construction industry and simplified innumerable tasks. These are highly specialized and efficient machines, which have a huge market demand,and therefore have a great relevance in the industry. Their container capacity ranges from 2000Ltrs up to 5500 Ltrs. These machines are capable of working without the water sprays, however there is a provision for the water spray arrangement.
Characteristics of our Self Propelled Road Sweeping Machine
Time saving
High performance
Time efficiency
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TPS manufactures The Ride on Sweeping Machines with a container capacity ranging from 160 Ltrs up to 800 Ltrs. These equipments are operating in various Infrastructure Industries like Cement Plants, Steel Plants, Ports and Municipal Corporations. This equipment is built to handle very heavy dust loads and operate in severe ambient conditions. All hydraulics is imported from the world-renowned manufacturers.
Following are some of the key features of our Ride on range of Sweeping machines:
Robust Construction.
Optimum Performance.
High Performance.
Longer Service Lift Designed to handle heavy dust loads.
It can also work without Water Spray, suited for high tropical climatic conditions.
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These machines have been developed to suit the High Dust Loads on the Indian roads as well as high temperaturesduring Summer time in India. Keeping these factors in mind, the equipment is designed to operate in dry mode i.e. without the use of water spray. This function is possible with the help of specialized bag filters imported from Europe with specialized continuous cleaning arrangement.  We also give the option of Water spray as in this machine.
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TPS Runway Sweeping Machine works on the principle of ‘Vacuum Suction’. The Dirt Container provided is with cyclonic separator and mesh filters, which separates the heavy particles from the air stream, due to the centrifugal action and then drops it into the container.
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self propelled GARBAGE COMPACTOR
Garbage Compactor 3 Basic Models to choose from.
Model Volume  Chassis GVW
TPS-RCV6 6-7 m3 11 Tons
TPS-RCV14 12-14 m3 16 Tons
TPS-RCV20 18-20 m3  25 Tons
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A portable type compactor is capable of being transported from one location to another comes as an Integral unit incorporating the container and the compaction unit.

This Compactor to be such that can be transported by a specially designed Hook loader unit mounted on a 16T GVW truck chassis.
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These are specially designed to load the un-compact garbage from Tippers, Skip Loaders / Dumper Placers. Then for the compaction of garbage, it is put into roll on roll off containers for transporting it to the dumping grounds or the waste treatment plants.  
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TPS Hook Loaders are capable of handling Roll-on Roll-off skip containers upto 25Cu.M capacity. The Hook Lifters are designed to lift loaded or empty skip containers from the ground and transporting them to dumping yard for the discharge of the dumping material. This is done through the hydraulic tipping of the container.
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Hook Loader Containers are an open / closed type mild, steel welded containers of 12 to 20 Cubic Meters capacity. It has a rear dump discharge door and is equipped with rollers and hooks having roll-on / roll-off facilities which are specifically designed for loading, transporting, tipping and unloading of these containers through a truck mounted hook loader.
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Skip loader/dumper placer
The Skip Loader / Dumper Placer is a truck mounted equipment with hydraulically operated arms and lifting mechanism designed for lifting, transportation, tipping, lowering of garbage bins of 3 to 8 Cubic Meters capacities.
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Ace tipper
Mini Garbage Tipper can be used for door-to-door collection of Garbage. The design of the tipping hopper is in such a manner that the garbage can be unloaded directly into the Refuse Compactor or the existing secondary storage containers without any spillage. The Load Body will have one tipping bucket of minimum 1.7 Cu.M. capacity.
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Bins – various types
The Garbage Collection Container are of 1100 Ltrs Capacity. They are closed type hygienic Containers. The container construction is of Pressed Steel Sections to ensure adequate structural strength required for handling it with the Compactor Bin Lifter. Also, the container is designed to be lightweight and with the facility to be easily handled by two Bin Handlers.  The meets the DIN standards and are compatible with the RCV Bin Handlers.
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These equipments are being deployed for the cleaning of Septic Tanks as well as sewer pipelines upto 900 mm diameters. These machines are designed and developed to perform suction and jetting activities accurately.
Some of the specific features of our Suction Cum Jetting Machine are:
Optimum Performance
Robust Construction
Longer Service Life
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We have expert personnel in our organization working round the clock to offer high grade Suction Cum Jetting Machine. These machines are designed and developed to perform diversified activities of suction and jetting accurately. Our suction cum jetting machines are reckoned internationally for their reliability and consistency.

Some of the specific features of our Suction Cum Jetting Machine are:
Optimized performance
Robust construction
Longer service life
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These equipments are used for suction of silt/stones from the underground trunk sewer pipelines of diameter ranging from 1 meter to 3 meters. TheTrunk Sewer pipelines are installed about 7 to 8 meters below ground level. TPS is manufactures one of the most powerful Vacuum Loader Machine, whichisbeing utilized for De-Silting of Trunk Sewer pipelines for Silt, Bricks etc. A number of Service Providers are using specialized Silt container trucks along with De-Silting machines, wherein the silt is separated and collected in these Silt Container trucks, which ultimately go to the dumping ground for discharge.
These units are developing vacuum of 8000 mm water column and air handling capacities ranging from 4000 to 6000 Cu.M/hr. A number of such machines are deployed in various parts of India for undertaking De-Silting work.
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The suctioned sludge that is collected, is put in a truck mounted Suction Dump Tanker with cyclone, for onwards disposal at dumping grounds
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The Gully Pit Emptier is used for the suction of sludge from septic tanks / Gully pits and manholes.
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